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Some useful links to crack TCS

I’m sharing some of the suggested books and useful links which might help you in your TCS preparation.

Books :

 For Analytical Round :

1. Arun Sharma – Quantitative aptitude 

2. Quantitative aptitude by RS Agarwal


For Interview Preparation :

1. Cracking the IT Interview

2. Java-Complete Reference

3.  Exploring C

4. The C programming Language


1. To know the complete new pattern :

Read   TCS New Pattern for 2014 batch

2. To know about how to crack verbal round :

Read   Tips to crack verbal round

3. Other college verbal questions and some practice questions :

Read   TCS Verbal questions 

4. Solution to TCS Open Seesame questions:

Read  TCS Open seesame solutions

5.  Some solved analytical questions:

Read   Solution to TCS questions

6. TCS Analytical Test Simulator by Technical Baba:

Check here

7 . TCS NIT Jalandhar Interview experience :

Check here 

8. TCS GNDU,Amritsar Interview experience : 

Check here

9  TCS GHRCE,Nagpur Interview experience :

 Check here

10 TCS GCE,Jabalpur Interview experience :

Check here

11  TCS SASTRA,Tanjore Interview experience :

Check here

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