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Tips to crack TCS Verbal Section



Hope many of you are busy with TCS preparation and most of the TCS aspirants are in confusion about the VERBAL part and how to deal with the same. Here is a detailed post for you people on how to answer the section effectively.

The opening of the professional mail should start with a greeting to the client like “Hi David” or “Dear David”. Remember, you have to use their first name to address them and not their full name like “Hi Mr. Jackson Peterson”. That’s not the right way to address a client.

Next start with the content directly. Do not try to bring in unwanted message. A professional mail should be short and precise. It should not be too much of descriptive and lengthy. It should be neat and crisp.


Consider the following example and I shall answer one way to deal with this particular example.

Using the following phrases, write an email with minimum of 70 words to the customer Mr. Gill Roy explaining delay to the project.

Payment processing system – Schedule – 10th May (Friday) – Unexpected power outage – 3 days – Overall delay – 7 days – includes recovery of lost work – will not recur


Dear Gill,

The project “Payment processing system” was scheduled to be delivered on 10th May (Friday). However, due to an unexpected power outage in offshore site for past 3 days we lost few of our works for which we don’t have backup too. Hence we are expecting an overall delay in the delivery for a maximum of 7 days within which the team will work on the issues and everything will be sorted out. Apologies for the delay and we will ensure that the mistake will not recur in future again.




Here, you are not going off the track and not describing anything in detail. The information which needs to be communicated is delivered. The professional mails will be different from your regular mail and you need to look for the words which you have to use. Some common words are apologies instead of sorry. Never mention as, you are unable to do anything. You can mention as, we are expecting a delay. Try to mention as we, team, our, offshore, onsite and these kind of words if it is a mail regarding projects. Negative words should not be used openly and the same meaning should be covered under positive words. This may not be the perfect answer. This is one way of answering the question. The question asked to complete it in 70 words and I took 90+ words. We can be even more crisp and short.


Hope this will help you.

Let me know directly for any queries.


Vignesh Kumar


Picture credit : [stepbystep]

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