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Tech Mahindra Interview Experience-KLUniversity


Company name : Tech Mahindra
package offered : 3.07
Bond details : 2yrs agreement. If you want to break, you have to pay 1 lac.
Main Areas to focus : subjects mentioned in  your resume and aptitude test.

First round details :

Hi Friends,
I am Mounika from KLUniversity
Tech mahindra visited our campus on dec 14 2013
Package: during first 6 months 2.87 per annum
later 3.07 per annum
Initially we had a written test.It comprised of 11 sections(170 questions ,80 minutes). I remember few of them.
prepositions,articles,tenses,reading compreshension,math aptitude,verbal reasoning,number  & alphabet series,synonyms,analogies,diagramatic patterns,non verbal reasoning-coding,blood relations
There is sectional cut off for all 11 sections.(no negative marking)

out of 750 students 90 were selected from written to technical.
Books and websites used to clear first round :

english(verbal)-wren and martin or any book or site quoting rules with examples is enough
quant: RS AGARWAL is more than enough. Cover examples in all topics .

logical,non verbal reasoning,verbal reasoning- INDIABIX

GD : no

Interview experiences:

Essay Writing:
All the 90 students were given topics to write an essay .It is not an elimination round.
Topic given to me : TO do well in life only hardwork is imp…! express your views!

Technical Round:
Me: gud afternoon sir
sir: gud afternoon ..!plz be seated
me: thank you sir.
sir: well ..! explain me about stored procedures
me: explained it ( it was the area in which i did my internship)
sir: how would you rate yourself in c lang
me: 9/10
sir: explain me about a pointer
me: explained
sir: tell me about yourself
me: name,schooling ,inter,cgpa till now,achievements, holding ranks,strengths
sir: what is ur weakness?
me: Explained with a solution how i will over come it
sir: K Mounika thnku.You can leave.
me: thnku sir!
actually my panel is the easiest one.But others were not like this.They asked about network topologies,s/w testing,every one is asked to write a program(for It background),software engg,diff btwn c and c++, also asked to write sample programs in c++,totally all the subject mentioned in resume were touched.

NOTE: Resume is thouroughly checked.Some were caught with mistakes and thus eliminated.

out of 90, 45 got through for hr round.
HR asked me to explain difference between institution and organization,goal and ambition,capability and ability ,also asked me about my family backgroud,asked to explain my views on my essay writing topic.
I think ,this is the question for which i impressed him.
Finally he asked me if i have any queries.(never say no)

Books sites used for overall interview experience :

Check INdiaGeeks recommended books for interview preparation

Advice to aspirants:  Note: Written is very easy.Just see prepositions,articles ,tenses in wren and martin.quant RS AGARWAL.Verbal reasoning,logical,non verbal–Indiabix is enough.But time maintainance is necessary.We should also cover all the sections by giving equal priority as all the sections have sectional cut off.This is the major phase where many were eliminated.
In Technical and Hr -It is only the confidence which is necessary.Always keep a smile while answering the questions.Questions will be simple.Fix with only one answer.Dont change the answer on timely basis.
They were very friendly.
Dont get dissappointed if u were not placed in before companies.Even I am rejected in tcs(only due to lack of confidence which i overcame in Tech Mahindra placement).So keep smiling ,be positive and crack Tech Mahindra.
Finally 43 were selected .I am one of them.
All the best guys.
I hope this would be useful
Lets meet in Tech Mahindra.

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