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Robert Bosch Interview process

Hello friends,

Robert Bosch came on july 2012. For the first time bosch Coimbatore was open for mechanical and computer science to most of the tamil nadu colleges (psg, gct, cit, kct, bannari, tcs). They recruited 43 form our college (out of 43, 6 mechanical).

2 weeks before the placement we were asked to register  through cocubes. Those who failed to generate cocubes hall ticket were not allowed to attend the placements.


7.5 CGPA, without back logs. (mech, cs, ece, eee, eie)





  1. Aptitude
  2. Technical Hr
  3. Personal Hr.


First round was online test. We produced cocubes hall ticket. Each individual got different questions.

Totally 90 mins test. First test 60 min which contained general apti. Second test 30 min which contained technical apti. Each question carried one mark, -.25 for wrong answers.

In general apti 20 questions were from quants, other 40 included verbal, reasoning, data analysis.

Technical apti included questions from thermal, fluid mechanics, strength of materials, heat and mass transfer,  metallurgy, manufacturing, Ic engines.

These questions included theory sort of direct questions, relations based on formula and graphs and other numerical problems. Though numerical problems were lengthy to solve the data given was easy to eliminate and the solving procedure was just to remember the formula and continue the problem with fluency. for example some of the value of given data were equal to constants like µ,ϒ, R. So that we can easily solve the problem without going for tedious calculations. Relations based on cycles like otto, diesel and turbine and pump calculations were given, for this type of problems we should be thorough with the formula, graphs and change in values based on increase in pressure and temperature. Metallurgy problems also had similar questions for which we need to consider the change in properties of the materials based on increase/ decrease in temperature/ pressure. Only fluid mechanics problems had direct substitution problems. Vibrations chapter is important when considering strength of materials. Manufacturing technology questions were direct theory questions.

Most of the people considered bosch written round was difficult. But i felt it was easy. We need to be thorough with our basics and first round we will be easy. Here Technical apti marks are more important compared to general apti.

It took the first day for them to conduct written test for 5 departments. Results were announced around 7pm. Shortlisted candidates were made to attend the technical hr next day. Mechanical and CS students had different panels whereas all Electronics students had common interview panel.

Next day there was a pre placement talk. There was a presentation etc etc,,,

For most of the mechanical students tech round was split into 2. We had to face one hr in each.

The questions were from basics. They also asked about implant training, field of interest and CADD related questions (i mentioned solidworks Pro-E and Ansys in my software skills). They were impressed by the way I answered about my trainings and software skills. Inspite of the technical knowledge they selected only people who were confident about their answers, though confident about wrong answers will give only negative impressions. For those who mention themal, IC Engines, pumps, turbines, heat treatment be thorough with the graphs. Basics included Heat n mass transfer, fluids and thermal. There were questions, where we have to apply the formula to find answers for practical questions. They didn’t consider much about the communication skills. Yet we have to present ourselves in a better way.


Don’t choose vast areas like manufacturing, Thermal, as field of interest. Instead choose specific topics like casting, welding , suspension system. (u can more than one field ) and be thorough with those particular topics. If you are not sure about the answers admit them that u don’t know the answer, but don’t follow the same for each n every question.

The short listed candidates from tech rounds were immediately made to attend personal Hr.

It was quite easy.

1.Introduce yourself.

2. questions about our family, school, college, friends,

3. questions about hobbies.

4. extra-curricular activities.

5. the reason y u preferred  engg, mech

6. the reason y u prefer bosch.

7. they would ask whether u have any questions for the hr (be ready with a question).

There will be elimination in personal Hr round also. In mechanical there was no elimination. But on the whole out of 50 candidates who attended final round 43 got placed. Results were announced after 2 days. For some colleges they took 2 or 3 weeks to announce the results.

Special thanks to Subhashini 2013 Graduate from GCT,coimbatore for her article.

[picture credit : consumer.admanya]

Good luck

Team INdiaGeeks

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