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CTS Interview Process

Hello Folks,
CTS’s interview process consists of an aptitude and a HR/Tech round. CTS is a mass recruiter taking 225/400 and 176/300. Most felt that CTS wasn’t that difficult requiring only the very basics to clear. The package given was around 3.2  lpa.
Round 1:
This is tricky, as in it was different for different colleges. Basically there were two type of tests conducted
  • Only   verbal and logical 50 questions 50 minutes time, OMR style correction.
  • Amcat question paper.
I think it is safe to say that they will follow the AMCAT pattern from now on, since they started using AMCAT the other pattern which I mentioned hasn’t showed up, anyway
Pattern 1:
Really easy one, I have no idea why they wouldn’t include quantitative aptitude questions in the test. Anyway here is a sample
Verbal(25 questions):
  •  Choose the correct sentence out of the given questions.
  •  Mixed up sentences that you arrange in order.
  • There were two comprehension type questions.
  • Your typical synonyms questions.
  • Sentences were given for which we has missing words in ti which you have to fill.
  • A paragraph and a word is given you have to find the word in the paragraph which best matches the given word.
Here time is the key constraint, specially for the reading comprehension yo do not want to waste time on that
Logical (25 Questions):
  • In 2008 Olympics held at Beijing, Japan won 45 medals in atheletics, 15 in Judo and 28 in swimming/These medals were bagged by a total of 68 people and only three of them got medals in all the three events. Find the number of sports persons who received medals in exactly one event if there were 14 sports persons who had received medals in exactly two events.
·         ! represents 0 and ^ represents 1.Answer the following questions212+45(%%%%!!!!)gcd of(%!%!,%!%!!,%!%!%) (420)512 (%%!%!!%!!)avg (10,20,21) (%!!!%)


  • A cube is cut into 216 parts. The 2nd ,4th and 6th layers of the front face are removed and then painted black.
    How many cubes are painted on only one side?
    how many cubes are painted on onlly 3 sides?
    how many cubes are painted on only 4 sides?
    how many cubes are painted 0 sides?
  • Is X odd or even
  • How many seconds does a minute hand takes to rotate 360 degrees
    minute hand revolves round the cloch 5 times in a minute
    minute hand is 5 times greater thar short hand
  • There were questions which had you repalce G’s With I’s and H’s with y”s and then questions based on that
  • Then some questions which are based on reasoning for example:
       Only fish oil contains Omega 3.
Only foods that contain Omega 3 help with brain development.
 Which conclusion can be derived from the combination of these two statements?
           a)All fish oils help with brain development.
           b)Only what contains Omega 3 is fish oil.
           c)All that helps with brain development is fish oil.
           d)There are fish oils that help with brain development.
  • Sathish and Saranya are married and they have 3 children- Santhosh, jack and Preethi. Jack is married to Rose, who is the daugther of Sanjay. Sanjay is married to Sadana and their only son, Prakash is married to Ashna. Sony and Shilpa are children of Jack and Rose. Vicky and Akash are sons of Prakash.
        How is Vicky related to Rose?
        How is Sathish related to Shilpa?
        How is Preethi related to Rose?
        How many niece and nephew did Santhosh have ?
        How is Prakash related to Sony ?
  • A question about seating arrangement
Pattern 2:
This is your standard Amcat questions pattern. Here are the links to the sample questions:-
*  I will add more sample questions soon.
Round 2:
This is a HR/Tech interview, in some cases or seperate Tech and HR rounds. On average an interview took around 20 minutes:-
Tech Interview:
Me: Good morning sir and I gave him a firm handshake.
Interviewer: Ken feeling Nervous,
Me: NO sir
Interviewer: ok Ken tell about yourself(some ideas about self intro)
Me: I told him about me and said that I am very much comfortable with programming and
presently working as a part time faculty for C and core java.I could see his eyes he was interested in me.
Interviewer: why should I hire you, How are you different from others
Me: I told him all more special abilities 😀
Interviewer: He gave me 10 elements and asked me to search an element using binary search.
Me: I was waiting for C based questions and answers him very clearly and said we can use
recursion for best performance.(he asked me then I said that)
Interviewer: what data structure does recursion use.
Me: I could not get him, he helped me with some examples I said STACK, before it goes for the call, it would push the status into a stack sir

Interviewer: ok tell me the output of this
printf(“the value of i=%d”,i);
Me: infinite loop sir, because as i is assigned a value 10 that statement would be true so it would never break because its always true. he said ok.

Interviewer: ok Ken give me your certificates he asked me semester wise marks sheets.
I gave him, he check all my semester wise marks and asked me questions from the
subjects in which I got less marks and in which I got more marks, he covered max all subjects
he gave me a logical gates circuit and gave some inputs and asked the output
asked about types of accounts(i have management subject also)
Me:I said I don’t remember
Interviewer: you scored good marks then why don’t you answer ? I just smiled.
Interviewer:What is the difference between black box and white box testing.
Me: Told him everything I knew about it
Interviewer: What is the difference between DBMS and RDBMS
Me: I couldn’t remember, I told him DB2 is a RDBMS and some random stuff about how realtion between attributes are considered here.
Interviewer:Smiled :). Thats it Ken got any questions?
Me: I asked him if the company had a research division and if i could join there.(was a stupid question).
Interviewer: Thanks nice talking with ya, good Luck[shook hands].

HR interview:

Interviewer: Hello Ken please have a sit .
Me: Thank you sir(Kept my file on my lap, do not put it on the table remember it is not your table)
Interviewer:Are you willing to work anywhere
Me:Yes SIR I love traveling and goto different places, you can put me anywhere
Interviewer: Any place in particular?
Me: hmmm.. Australia!!!
Interviewer: laughed real loud. I see. Tell me about your aim in life.
Me:I told him the well revised answer I had (I think he realized I had it memorized)
Interviewer:Are you willing to work night shifts etc
Me: sir I have no problems with working anywhere any time. I know that in a IT company there is lot of work and sometimes we have to work into the night i have no problem with that.(was sick of all the constraint type questions )
Interviewer:He asked me about my family and said thank you
Me: I replied with a big smile. (I think he was impressed)The HR round is all about how confident you are, just keep that smile up and speak out loud.
About 4 hours later ,the list of people who were selected came with my name on it 😀

Some other questions which I gathered from others are here:

HR questions:

  • tell us something about your idol man or woman?
  • what do you know about our company?
  • what is office of profit?
  • what you think ganguly have still a place in Indian cricket team?
  • why do you want this job?
  • how long would you expect you stay with us if selected?
  • your strengths and weakness
  • where do you see yourself in next 10 years?
  • what will be your plan if i ask you to built small software company and make it like cognizent?
  • how would your friend describe you?
  • what outside interest do you have?
  • what have you read and enjoyed lately?
  • what motivates you?
  • how well do you take direction?
  • how do you handle criticism?
  • do you enjoy doing routine task?
  • are you a good leader?
  • how do you work in a team?
  • how creative are you?
  • what do you dislike most at work?
  • how does this job fit into your career plan?
  • when would you expect promotion?
  • what sort of people you find difficult to work with?
  • tell me a story?
  • sell me this pen.
  • what do you think about the war in Iraq
  • how much do you think you are worth?(rate yourself )
  • if you get chance in other software company what you will do?
  • suppose you love a girl/boy in your college and your father does like her/him what will you do?

Tech Questions:

  • why c language called c not d or e?
  • what is a variable?
  • what is do, while loop and what is the difference?
  • what is a library?
  • what does printf return?
  • what is storage class?
  • what is a semaphore?
  • what is inter process communication?
  • what is paging?
  • About different client /server architectures
  • about different network layers
  • what is an object?
  • what is jdbc?
  • Explain public static void main
Some other department Tech:
  • what is the difference between neutral,earth and ground?
  • difference between drift and diffusion current?
  • what is a transformer?
  • why we generate sinusoidal wave in generating station instead of generating square or triangular wave?
  • what is inductive,resistivity and capacitive load?
  • difference between load shading and current off?

Overall the Selection process is so – so. Some people had HR/Tech while others had both (If you don’t get call for HR doesn’t mean your not selected).  Once the list of those who were selected came we call cut a cake and that was it 😀

*I am planning on adding more stuff asking questions will help me in deciding what i’m missing 😀

[picture credit : cts logo]

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